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Post: Sunflo Solar Submersible Pump

Sunflo Solar Submersible Pump

Ideal for small scale water supply from wells and boreholes, the Dayliff SunFlo submersible water pump is the ideal solution for irrigation, general water supply as well as remote pumping needs such as livestock watering.

The Sunflo series is manufactured with the use of high quality engineering plastics, with pump casings ranging from plastic, stainless steel and a mesh stainless steel screen. To prevent pump damage in the event of delivery cut off, the pumps come installed with an internal bypass. They are also installed with a direct connection to the PV module or through a charge controller that is connected to a battery for 24hr operation.

As for the power outputs, outputs vary throughout the year depending on the prevailing irradiation levels. The output are however, given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m² solar irradiance and 25°C. Daily outputs can be arrived at by multiplying the indicated output at the duty point by the provided irradiation details. This range of solar submersible pumps is especially ideal in not only remote areas but also where electrical power is not readily available and also in power saving situations. 

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