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Post: Ultra sun UVR Vacrod Solar Water Heater

Ultra sun UVR Vacrod Solar Water Heater

Solar power is among the most efficient and helpful innovations ever done. With the Ultrasun UVR vacrod solar water heaters, a user can be assured of effective water heating especially in medium and small residential applications.

For efficient heat transfer, this solar water heater is constructed with a series of glass heat pipes consisting of two sealed concentric glass tubes with a vacuum in the void. A copper rod is inserted into the inner tube rod which projects into a heater manifold, with the void being filled with water for optimum heat transfer. The water flows through the manifold and is heated by the projecting copper rod. Through the thermosyphon principle, the water circulates through the storage tank which then heats the tank contents.

The UVR VacRod heaters are highly efficient and are available in 3 models, namely: UVR 150, UVR 200, and UVR 300. They come with 150L, 200L, and 300L system tank capacity, with the choice of use depending on the number of users. The Ultrasun UVR VacRod operating conditions should be set at a maximum operating temperature of 300°C and a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar.

With a 5 year guarantee, get yourself an Ultrasun UVR VacRod solar water heater and be assured of a free hot water supply as well as a trouble-free operation.

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